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Reliability in every action, word and decision is in the White Water Plumbing DNA. We ensure our clients get the highest quality by leading with professionalism. 


Our goal with every project is to deliver on target and on time. Our ability to stay focused and adhere to a fixed schedule is what enables us to gain the trust of our clientele.  

Project Forecasting

We strive to remain cognizant of the budget of every project, and our reputation is built on meeting or beating the budgets our clients have set before us. We plan our work, and work our plan. 

About Us

White Water Plumbing is a commercial and light industrial plumbing company with over 15 years of experience and trajectory in the business. Bob Diaz, owner and leader, has 30 years of plumbing construction experience, which makes us specialists in the design of customized plumbing systems for a broad range of industries and applications, from new construction to remodels, updates, and fresh installations alike. Attention to detail, education, and certification are values of our company. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. Take a look at our CSLB (937088) here.

Our Services

Sanitary Systems

Reducing risk of contamination while keeping costs down.

Water Systems

Extensive experience in today’s cutting-edge water systems. 

Gas Systems

Our licensed plumbers are experts in all industrial/commercial gas systems. 

Vacuum Systems

WWP ensures your vacuum systems are tuned to a high degree of precision for optimum safety. 

Tenant Improvement

We effortlessly adjust spaces to your needs following codes and regulations.


Some Projects

Why Our Clients Trust Us

In Their Own Words

If you are looking for a partner in industrial and commercial plumbing, White Water Plumbing is the one name you can trust to deliver exceptional solutions quickly, innovatively, and economically.

Our Clients