Effortlessly Exceeding Expectations

Most plumbing companies deliver adequate work within an acceptable time frame.

But we approach each project – from the most routine maintenance to the most complex turnkey system – with an aim to exceed your needs, expectations, and specifications in every way possible. As a result, our clients are able to move forward on projects with greater confidence and clarity than ever before.

Just as you’d expect an employee or team member to collaborate with everyone else to make work more efficient and profitable, the plumber you work with should support your goals as well. White Water Plumbing pays attention to every detail on and off-site, paying special attention to every aspect of construction, accounting, project management, and closeout.

This all adds up to an effortless project – without all of the usual back-and-forth confusion.

Our Values Define Our Value

Our Team

Bob Diaz

Irene Diaz

Frank Tirado
Operations/Project Manager

Mike Garcia
Field Superintendent

Anthony Diaz
Project Engineer


Effective Plumbing Solutions To Special Problems

Varied and extensive experience is our greatest strength – a strength that makes us uniquely qualified to solve your problems… With efficient, innovative systems boasting both reliability and cost savings.

Our team specializes in everything from new construction, to remodels, updates, maintenance, scheduled repairs, and brand-new installs in existing buildings.

In fact, we’ve assembled a team of high-caliber plumbers with a pool of talent few other companies our size can offer. With a track record of successful projects ranging from $5,000 to $2M, we are well equipped to solve any challenge and turn any idea into a practical reality.

The First Step

We offer consultation in which we take a look at your project, assess your needs, and make recommendations on how we can help solve your problem – quickly and innovatively.